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The sheer amount of time parents spend with their kids between the ages of 3 and 11 has virtually no relationship to how children turn out

Do parents, especially mothers, spend enough time with their children? Though American parents are with their children more than any parents in the world, many feel guilty because they don’t believe it’s enough. That’s because there’s a widespread cultural assumption that the time parents, particularly mothers, spend with children is key to ensuring a bright future.

Will drone delivery be possible in the UK? - IRX - EDX 2015

THE MEETING SPACE FOR THE DELIVERY ECOSYSTEM Dear colleague, will drone delivery be possible in the UK? Delivery is what helps put commerce into ecommerce. At Scurri, they understand about logistics & delivery which is why they are helping to bring the debate about whether it's possible to deliver parcels by 'DRONE DELIVERY' in the UK. We will be using a delivery drone , with approval from the Civil Aviation Authority, to delivery a parcel on the opening day of eDelivery Expo 2015, which is co-located with Internet Retailing Expo. Experts will be on hand to discuss whether this will become a 'legal' reality and its possibilities for all types & sizes of business. Visitors will also have the chance to win the contents of the package which will contain the new iWatch from Apple , which was only launched this week, courtesy of Scurri. To be in with a chance to win thi

Events : 10 reasons to attend Internet Retailing Expo 2015

10 reasons to attend Internet Retailing Expo 2015 2 in 1 events - IRX & EDX  - covering the whole  multichannel  spectrum. Find at EDX the  logistics  solutions that make possible the multichannel promise. FREE largest multichannel  educational progra m - 8 conferences - Customer experience, Marketing, Omnichannel, Mobile, International eCommerce and Merchandising, Retail Logistics and Retail Delivery. More than  60 retailers speaking  - Tesco, Sainsbury´s, M&S, Groupon, Facebook,, Ralph Lauren, Shop Direct, Alibaba, Amazon, All Saints, River Island, Clarcks, B&Q, Google, Moss Bross, Jack Wills, eBay, Twitter, JustEat, and many more.  16 workshops  hands-on and practical workshops to help you make the most of your eCommerce performance. 20 eCommerce Expert clinics  and  IMRG lounge  - book now your one to one meeting with the experts and get the answers to those challenges your company faces every day. 250 key supplier s in the in

WFA's Stephen Loerke: "We have barely scratched the surface of what is possible in Africa" / Dan Brain, dmg Events

Stephan Loerke, WFA's Managing Director explains the African opportunity, programmatic progress and why Chinese regulators are more tuned-in to realising the benefits of advertising. With a General Election taking place in the UK this spring, what is your take on the current regulatory situation in Europe? We need better recognition from European Governments on the benefits of marketing to the economy and society. Much of the regulatory focus here in Europe is on limiting the risks of advertising to consumers and built on a framework that shows a lack of understanding of the sector.  We are campaigning to ensure that Governments and regulatory authorities take a more proactive approach in helping brands to expand consumer choice and generate wealth. This situation is in contrast to some global players like China where the where the Government is more supportive and committed to facilitating the development of successful global brands.

Events : Giant Phones and showcasing at ISE 2015 / Mark Jones Founder & MD at Giant iTab & Touch2View

Events : Giant Phones at ISE 2015   Mark Jones Founder & MD at Giant iTab & Touch2View writes  ....  If anyone had the chance to visit ISE 2015 (integrated systems europe) last month they were certainly in for a treat with the biggest and the best of the AV industry on show in all their glory.  The nice thing about this show is the little guys get a chance to show off as well. Seeing as we were about to launch our new Giant Phone , it seemed an opportunity too good to miss.  With the likes of Facebook, Harrods and PWC joining us to see what was on offer, there were plenty of chances to impress the big guys along with many respectable smaller companies looking for partnerships and new ideas for added interaction and user engagement. It was indeed great to be showcasing our new solution at such a big event ......and now to the hard work of following up on all those quality leads!  More articles on the Giant iTab / Giant Phone    V