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Non-seasonal promotional gift : Looking for a giveaway that does not end up in the bin? / Standeazy phone stand

It’s a smartphone stand – so why should you consider the Standeazy phone stand as a corporate gift? Current, non-seasonal promotional gift for everyoneBespoke design for your businessProminent tab for your logoMaximum visibility through public, office and private useCredit card sized phone stand - low postageGreat for exhibitions or direct mailUnique, novel, fun and MEMORABLE

Study finds seven out of ten retail and finance applications vulnerable to Heartbleed-style attacks

CASTa leader in software analysis and measurement, today revealed new findings from its ongoing research on application software health that confirms the growing number of data breaches and security incidents can be directly linked to poor code quality

The data reveals finance and retail industry applications are the most vulnerable to data breaches, with 70 percent of retail and 69 percent of financial services applications shown to have data input validation violations. This is particularly concerning, considering the amount of personal and financial customer data often held in applications across these industries.  Read ON

For more information about CAST: Web:

Events : If your focus is on data mining, analytics or optimisation - these 3 parallel conferences are for you / Data Driven Business

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No matter whether your focus is on data mining, analytics or optimisation - these 3 parallel conferences deliver profound tactics and tools from national and international experts in the different fields with one goal - sustainable success and growth for your company and your personal knowledge!

 Today we present 5 keynotes from international luminaries who will extend your perception, make your head spin and your eyes sparkle!

Beyond 50 : Half of the over 60's have had regrets that they weren't reckless enough in their youth

The stereotypical image of the older generation is dead and buried – because modern pensioners believe bingo and knitting is 'boring', it emerged yesterday. Researchers discovered the current golden generation are turning their backs on traditional pastimes such as flower arranging, bowls and stamp collecting. More than half of over 60's polled have an adventurous streak that rules out such activities as jigsaws, coin collecting and bridge. The report found modern older people are more likely to use their spare time to holiday abroad, watch reality TV, and take part in exercise classes such as Zumba and salsa and enjoy pampering days.

For Your Next Event - 10 Terrific Event Startups To Explore

August 25, 2014   |   AUTHOR:Julius Solaris  |   POSTED IN:event-startups
Here is a collection of the most promising startups providing technology solutions for events. Be inspired by these helpful tools. The Event Tech scene is in turmoil. It’s just news of last week that DoubleDutch closed another successful round of investment at $19.9M. Earlier in August Social Tables finalised another $8M investment. Other startups are growing organically into full fledged businesses, hiring staff, launching new services. Event professionals are realising the potential of event technology. Nobody is buying anymore the ‘I haven’t got time’ or ‘This is a fad’ criticisms. Event tech is about making the experience better for our guests and to make our events more profitable. So when new startups come around, we have to alert. You have to be on the lookout for that service that can make things easier, more engaging and smoother, either for yourself or your key stakeholders. Keep your mentality open, e…

Blunders : A celebrity endorsement that went wrong to the tune of £12m

Charlize Theron – Raymond Weil Watches Designer Raymond Weil paid Theron for the rights to her wrists for two years, so she could wear only his watches. The model and actress did not play by the rules and went to a press conference wearing a Dior watch. As you can imagine, Weil wasn’t too happy about this and went on to seek £12m in compensation.   More big blunders with endorsements

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Winning the natural and organic shopper

By Andrew Elliot, VP, CPG, WD Partners and John Youger, Director, Strategy & Insights, WD Partners The days of finding one-off natural food co-ops and off-the-grid country markets for grass-fed beef or almond milk hand cream are over. Today it's as close as the nearest convenience store. While healthy eaters and environmentally conscious shoppers appreciate options that reflect their values, the sheer abundance and ongoing ambiguity around "natural" labeling still can confuse and overwhelm. Here are four ideas to help retailers and manufacturers thrive in this important, still-emerging marketplace.

For agencies, advertisers, publishers, tech entrepreneurs and investors interested in staying ahead of the latest innovations in the AdTech and MarTech sector.

Wednesday 17th September 2014, 10:30pmScience Museum, Exhibition Rd. London, SW7 2DD Key points covered:
Buy your tickets to the Results International Next Generation Adtech | Martech ConferenceAn insight into the disruptive technologies reinventing advertising, marketing and sales.Wednesday 17th September 2014
Engaging discussion and networking in the iconic surroundings of London's Science Museum. For agencies, advertisers, publishers, tech entrepreneurs and investors interested in staying ahead of the latest innovations in the AdTech and MarTech sector.

Events : On October 28th, Performance Marketing Insights presents ‘Capture, Cultivate and Create’

On October 28th, 2014 Performance Marketing Insights presents ‘Capture, Cultivate and Create’ – a new and comprehensive overview of strategic insight, thought leadership, technology and product innovation across the digital and performance marketing sector. Key to the success of any Performance Marketing Insights event, the conference content combines international speakers, thought-leaders, figureheads, startups and digital experts to form a leading and topical agenda from attribution to multichannel; personalisation to customer journey; device marketing to display that complements both new and seasoned digital marketers. Combine this with the opportunity to meet the largest agencies and tech pioneers in performance marketing and network with leading advertisers and publishers adopting performance strategies; PMI London is Europe's largest gathering of top level performance marketeers in 2014. Visit website

After Dark lets users explore Tate Britain’s galleries after-hours using four robots

London’s Tate Britain Offers After-Hours Tours with Robots - Carry On | Travel Leisure
Thousands of art lovers visit London’s Tate Britain every day to see treasures by notables such as William Blake, John Constable, and David Hockney. This week, they can visit the museum at night as well, thanks to the new website After Dark. Launched Wednesday at 10 p.m. UK-time, After Dark lets users explore Tate Britain’s galleries after-hours using four robots. Online viewers can queue up for a chance to steer one of the robotic guides for several minutes, wheeling it through the halls and getting rare glimpses of British masterpieces without crowds and without lights.

Specifically designed to navigate the Tate’s galleries, the robots automatically stop once they get too close to a work of art.  And while only a limited number of individuals will be able to steer the machines, anyone who tunes in to the website will be able to watch the live stream.
See on

New from Facebook - A 'Save Now - Read Later' option to readers / Via adconnection's blog

FACEBOOK'S NEW 'SAVE NOW, READ LATER' OPTION As a hugely successful, proven advertising model, marketers worldwide are investing millions in Facebook advertising. Increasingly however, busy consumers are saying that the sheer volume of content on Facebook can lead to 'information overload', potentially deterring them from clicking on ads while browsing.

Banners account for just 4% of entertainment mobile ads / Vdopia Mobile Insights (VMI) Series

Number of mobile campaigns by entertainment brands soars 46%
10 second format is strongest video performer but accounts for just 3% of ad spend
The report is available to download here.

"The penny finally dropped – I’d left my laptop at home" / Andy Osborne

Can you work with just a mobile phone and internet connection?The Business Continuity Institute - Aug 13, 2014 10:14 BST Recently I did a remarkably silly thing. Something I hadn’t done in almost seventeen years as the proverbial travelling consultant. I went to London. No, that’s not the silly thing – I go to London quite often and honestly it’s really not that bad there. Even for a country bumpkin like me. No, the silly thing came to light after I’d boarded the train and it was pulling out of the station. I opened my bag to take out my laptop and some papers so that I could start work and my laptop wasn’t there. I checked again. And again. But it still wasn’t there.  After checking for a fourth time the penny finally dropped – I’d left my laptop at home. I was a couple of minutes into a two-hour train journey, all ready to get stuck in to some quality report writing time and my laptop, one of the main tools of my trade – if not the main t…

Discover KPI’s for the Insurance Sector / SPA Future Thinking

SPA Future Thinking : 

We recently launched the Services Benchmarking Studydesigned to help brand owners understand how their organisations rate across a variety of metrics; including overall customer satisfaction, NPS and Customer Effort.For the insurance industry, whilst customers are generally happy with their provider, they struggle to gain long term loyalty; and switching is more prevalent across this sector than any other service industry. As detailed in our study, 80% of customers have previously cancelled a contract to switch to an alternative insurance provider, with two thirds having cancelled a policy for financial reasons.
Download our infographic which provides an overview of findings across the insurance sector including: Breakdown of KPI metrics for insurance companiesOverview by category – health, home, pet, travel & vehicle insuranceRole of switching – just how common is it?Role of ditching – how comparison sites drive policy cancellationsFrequency consumers are ma…

Manchester’s proposed local TV station says it is still on course to launch

YourTV Manchester to recruit 50 jobs in the autumn and will launch “by February12 August 2014
The man behind Manchester’s proposed local TV station says it is still on course to launch – with the recruit of around 50 jobs to begin in the autumn. Last week’s news that Birmingham’s City TV project had gone into administration has cast further doubt over the viability of the government’s plan to launch a UK-wide network of local TV stations. Other stations, such as London Live, have got off to an inauspicious start and technical problems have delayed Bay TV Liverpool’s launch until the autumn.

Let the #CamperHunt begin! - Tribal Worldwide, London and Volkswagen UK

#CamperHunt Competition to Engage Fans on Twitter and Facebook -​

London. 11 August 2014. Volkswagen UK and Tribal Worldwide, London, have unveiled a UK-wide virtual treasure hunt – #CamperHunt – giving fans the chance to win one of six VW Camper van Tents to celebrate the summer, as part of the brand’s ‘Summer Driving’ social initiative – also created by Tribal Worldwide, London.
Running across Twitter and Facebook from Monday 11 August, Volkswagen and Tribal Worldwide, London will hold six #CamperHunts over three weeks at three UK locations, engaging fans via Twitter and Facebook.
During each competition photographs of four landmarks at a UK location (including one image of the Camper van Tent in situ) will be posted on Facebook and Twitter, with fans being encouraged to guess where the Camper van Tent is.Hints will be posted on the Volkswagen UK Facebook and Twitter feeds. To enter, fans can click through to a competition page on Facebook, while on Twitter users will be invited to twe…

Space helps Sol drive sales and brand reengagement through in-bar promotion

11 August 2014: HEINEKEN-owned premium packaged beer Sol has launched an instant win promotion in bars across the country. The initiative, led by Space, @agencyspacehas been designed to drive visibility, rate of sale and encourage brand reappraisal with its target 30-35 year old male audience.
The Sol ‘Independent Spirit’ campaign is an evolution of last year’s instant win promotion, featuring bigger and better prizes that bring to life the brand’s ‘Espiritu Libre’ platform. The prizes on offer aim to build a more intimate relationship between Sol and its consumers, offering dream-come-true experiences tailor-made to the target audience’s passions and aspirations.

Are you looking for ways to brand your event so that it’s more interactive – before, after and in real time? / Amplify The Experience

Is your event being heard above the competition? Is your event what everyone is talking about? Are you creating a buzz?

Amplify The ExperienceTurn up the volume - Is it time to crank  it up a a few notches, so that you attract more attendees to your event and ensure they come back repeatedly, and tell all of their their friends and family? Are you looking for ways to brand your event so that it’s more interactive – before, after and in real time? In the last few years, we’ve seen the increase in business’ and special events whose marketing focused almost solely through the use of social media. Some examples included food truck gatherings, flash mobs, and disposable film festivals.

Every startup wants to grow big and grow fast

Growth Hacking Distribution For Your Startup
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Every startup wants to grow big and grow fast, so it was no surprise that a conference this week in San Francisco about growth and distribution for startups was standing-room only. I’m so done with tech conferences, but was very glad I got to go to this one. It was full of amazing, actionable advice. (My dislike of tech conferences is the general unfocused nature of many of them which are nothing more than a party and chance to network. Nothing wrong with that per se, it’s just gets old quick.) So here’s my  summary of some of the best bits from 500 Startups one day conference, “Weapons of Mass Distribution“.

E-goi is multichannel marketing automation made easy!

What is E-goi?Multichannel Marketing: Email, SMS, Voice, Fax, Forms and Social Media Easy marketing automation! E-goi is multichannel marketing automation made easy! It integrates e-mail,mobilewebvoice and social media campaigns into a single online system, making it a breeze for you to grow leads and automate your customer life cycle! Try it now » or learn more

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