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Digital Marketing went super-stylish with a combination of Giant iTab touchscreens and Smartzer software at the 'Vodafone London Fashion Weekend'


Movers and Groovers : The Association of Event Organisers, NewVoiceMedia, Rakuten Marketing,Chris Skeith ,Guy Sochovsky,Seth Richardson

The Association of Event Organisers (AEO) will make Chris Skeith its new chief executive officer.

Skeith, who has served as Event Supplier & Services (ESSA) director for seven years and Association of Event Venues (AEV) director of four years concurrently, takes up the post in November 2014.

7 favorite responses, pictures, videos, and memes from the iPhone 6 Bend problem

The iPhone 6 Bend problem may be slightly blown out of proportion (things bend if you bend them) but lets put the murky details aside for a moment and revel in the hilarity that BendGate has inspired. Here are our 7 favorite responses, pictures, videos, and memes to come from Apple’s latest drama… share your favorites in the comments!

Events : Demystifying Programmatic Buying and Getting it Right / Real-Time Advertising Summit

Real-Time Advertising Summit < » Date: Wednesday 19 November 2014 - Thursday 20 November 2014 Location: London, UK Related categories:IT, Technology & Media » Back to listOverviewBrochureRegister now Demystifying Programmatic Buying and Getting it Right According to a recent report “The International State of Programmatic” by MAGNA GLOBAL released in October 2013, worldwide programmatic ad spending would leap to $32.6 billion by 2017.  Furthermore, according to another report released in March this year, conducted by the Association of National Advertisers and Forrester revealed that among a sample of 153 client-side marketers who had an average of 17 years experience in the marketing/advertising industry, most marketers still don't have a clear understanding of how programmatic ad buying works despite the fact that it draws a bigger budget allocation. There is no doubt that there are huge opportunities for not only advertisers but also publishers in the programmatic media buyi…

5 telltale signs an email service provider will rip you off (just by glancing at their website) by Ruben Alvim, E-goi

So you’re looking for an ESP and someone tells you about a cool new kid on the block? Or perhaps an old bulletproof mainstay which you’re not yet familiar with? How do you know that ESP is reliable and won’t cost you a arm and a leg?First stop is their website. Just plug their URL into your browser and off you go straight to a home page with… 1. No client roster, no case studies, no testimonials “We’re the bee’s knees!”, the ESP proudly claims. Great, got a customer to vouch for you? “We have over 15 years experience!” Super, can you show me a referral to go with it? “Hundreds of businesses enjoy our services!” Can you name a couple? Not even one? Come on, folks, throw me a bone here.

A new billboard and print campaign which consists of naked images of woman's breasts / CoppaFeel

Naked Breasts Adorn BillboardsFor Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
Breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel, which has previously urged college students to touch each other's breasts and presented us with the Topless Female Trampolining World Championships, is, again, placing breasts front and center in its efforts to call attention to breast cancer. The charity has launched a new billboard and print campaign which consists of naked images of woman's breasts adorned with the one word each woman in the photograph uses to describe her breasts. From sensitive, to doughy to squidgy to firm, the effort aims to get women (and everyone else) comfortable with examining breasts for lumps and discussing breast cancer in general.
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Noosh extends its project and procurement platform with ProofHQ integration

New Proofing Capability Enables Collaboration Across All Print, Web and Audio-Visual Assets - Anywhere, Anytime

Noosh, a provider of web-based integrated project and procurement management technology, today announced the integration of ProofHQ, a global leader in online proofing, serving major brands such as Honda, AT&T and Cisco. ProofHQ will extend the capabilities of Noosh's platform, resulting in a unified creative and production process for service providers and enterprises.

Exhibition and conference facilities : Ten big reasons to check out Peterborough Arena


Kim Nicol, Creator at 5 Mindful Minutes, Steven Tulman, ICM Consulting & Media Corporation,Sandrine Ennis, TalentstreamUS,Agu De Marco,Sarah Welstead

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Stop Networking. This Is Better.
by Kim Nicol, Creator at 5 Mindful Minutes

Motor products, computer equipment and eBooks set to be fastest growing e-commerce items / Nielsen Research

Motor products, computer equipment and eBooks set to be fastest growing e-commerce items

Clothes, hotel rooms and airline tickets most popular items purchased online

Delivery costs and online security concerns “holding back e-commerce’s true potential”

LONDON – 25 September, 2014. British consumers’ intent to buy motor-related products, computer equipment and eBooks online has tripled since 2011 – according to a new study by Nielsen, a leading global provider of insights into what consumers watch and buy.

The proportion of Britons who intend to use the internet to buy cars, motorcycles or related accessories ‘in the next six months’ has jumped more than three times since 2011, from just 5% to 17% in 2014. Similarly, the intent to go online to purchase computer hardware (to 28%) and software (to 30%) as well as eBooks (to 33%) has tripled.
E.g. Between 2011 and 2014, the number of UK respondents who intend to buy motor-related products online in the next 6 months increased 240%

ad:tech London launches online newsroom to celebrate 10 year anniversary

Ad:tech London, the world’s largest interactive advertising and technology exhibition and conference, officially announces Mynewsdesk, online newsroom technology provider, as their newsroom partner ahead of their 10th anniversary conference. The event will take place on the 21st and 22nd October in Olympia, London. Registration for the conference and exhibition is now open via ad:tech London’s website. The partnership will for the first time enable the 100 speakers and 150 exhibiting organisations to share their news, stories and industry insights on ad:tech’s website via their online newsroom, in the run up to the event.

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Balancing Optimization and Web Development

Kevin Eichelberger, founder and CEO of Blue Acorn, says that optimization is not given enough weight in design and development. He notes that in many companies today, optimization is done after the fact, when ideally, optimization techniques should be incorporated throughout the decision-making process.Read more...

"Shockvertising" / PETA has been slammed for objectifying women / Be warned — not all of these examples will be safe for work.

PETA The People For the Ethical Treatment of animals do a lot of "shockvertising": using controversial images to burrow a message into your brain, by way of nearly naked people, bloody animal corpses, or an intensely dark sense of humor.  The nonprofit revels in its audacity, putting together websites to promote ads that have been banned or rejected. Though they turn plenty of heads, do some of their ads go over the line? PETA has been slammed for objectifying women, which may alienate potential new followers. What do you think? Be warned — not all of these will be safe for work.  Kim Bhasin contributed to an earlier version of this article. Click here to see the ads »
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ad:tech & Unilever in Start-up Sustainability Hack

Startups with a penchant for sustainability are invited to participate in a specially arranged hackathon at ad:tech London for a chance to impress and partner with Unilever.As the headline sponsor of ad:tech London Future Media & Technology Summit, Unilever is set to engage with startups across the conference in a variety of initiatives including the hack. The Unilever Foundry Sustainability hackathon brief reads: In a data driven, always-on world, how can we bring the idea of Sustainable Living to life in a way that’s interesting and relevant to everyday living? What is the role of data to enable this and how can we influence daily habits through data so that people want to live more sustainably? Established startups are invited to join and tap into Unilever’s knowledge will run as part of the ad:tech London on 21-22nd October, expertise and data sources that will be made available exclusively to participants. Company marketing, sustainability, IT and consumer research experts wi…

Movers and Groovers : John Humphrey, Rachel Cook, Claire Wilson, Adam Segura, Mark Robinson, Tanya Rees, Dan Cole


adconnection launches PharmaCare’s new Calarmari Gold range in £110k TV campaign

adconnection, the leading media planning and buying agency, has launched Pharmacare’s Calamari Gold in a £110k TV campaign which is the first of its kind in the UK.
Having previously launched a number of Pharmacare brands on TV with great success, adconnection identified TV as the medium of choice; with insights from audience research highlighting TV as the perfect media to build credibility and familiarity with the upmarket audience.
A focus on using high-indexing, terrestrial spots during the early stages of the campaign, such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Good Morning Britain, was used to build coverage. The channel mix also reflected Calamari Gold’s competitor’s spending habits, using stations in which consumers have been educated on the benefits of Omega-3 before advertising the product with superior levels of Omega-3.

"It all started with a call from a client asking if I could supply CSCO homeowner data" - Andy Chesterman


Events : Open Data Institute Summit 2014, Growth Hacking Conference,Social Media Week London 2014, Ultimate Customer Journey Roadshow / Chinwag

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Video : Fresh off his best actor Academy Award win, Matthew McConaughey is doing a victory lap of sorts / Lincoln's MKC

Fresh off his best actor Academy Award win, Matthew McConaughey is doing a victory lap of sorts in a bizarre ad campaign for Lincoln's MKC. In the campaign, McConaughey appears to be channeling his True Detective character, Det. Rustin Cohle. Three of the spots have been released so far with two more to come. In the spot above, he riffs in something like free association as a bull crosses his path.