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Data Driven Business - 3 Conferences - 6 Keynotes - 1 Goal: Success for you and your business!

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No matter whether your focus is on data mining, analytics or optimisation - these 3 parallel conferences deliver profound tactics and tools from national and international experts in the different fields with one goal - sustainable success and growth for your company and your personal knowledge!

 Today we present 5 keynotes from international luminaries who will extend your perception, make your head spin and your eyes sparkle! 

How mature is your organisation in terms of maximizing the value of conversion rate optimisation? CRO pioneer Tim Ash will give you his perspective based on experience gained with hundreds of SiteTuners clients. See how your company stacks up in terms of knowledge and capabilities, technology & tools, organisational structure, processes and culture. Pinpoint your current level of conversion maturity and understand how to get to the next level.
The landing page has been the workhorse of conversion optimisation for years. But it's tired. The formulaic headline, hero shot, a few bullets, and a form with a call-to-action — anything better than "Submit" — have become cliché. To engage our audiences and convert them at the high rates our profession has made its claim to fame, we must find new ways to surprise and delight them. In this keynote presentation,we will look at life beyond the landing page and give you a new toolbox of fresh ideas to pioneer the future of conversion optimisation.

From Bits and Bytes to Insights

Digital Analytics is a craft requiring tools, artistry and a clear understanding of the raw material: data. From bits to bytes to Big Data, Jim examines the raw material, explains its challenges, outlines its future. He offers specific advice about collecting, cleaning, combining and crafting data into insights that even an executive can understand.

Measuring the Unmeasurable: Econometrics Magic in Advertising

In an increasingly multiscreen world it is increasingly difficult to understand individual consumer behaviour across devices and offline. Without direct measurements, it appears to be impossible to measure these effects. Enter econometric methods which solve many of these problems elegantly. Drawing on the work of a handful of Nobel laureates, Wing presents several applications of econometric methods in advertising, from measuring online-offline interaction and attribution to media mix modeling. Apart from presenting a general framework, Wing provides the proof with results of several case studies.
It's always possible to get lucky (or unlucky). When you mine data and find something, is it real, or chance? The central question in statistics is "How likely could this result have occurred by chance?" 
The good news is an antidote exists! Dr. Elder will explain the simple breakthrough solution -- still rarely employed, though newly being re-discovered in leading fields. John will illustrate how to use the resampling method he calls "Target Shuffling" in multiple learning scenarios, from model fitting to data exploration, showing how it calibrates results so they are reliable - essentially providing an honest "placebo effect" against which to test a new treatment (finding).
Bottom line: Honest Data Science can save Experimental Science!

Register for Conversion Conference , London. Use MARKETINGBLOG14 for an extra 15% discount

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