Our 3 best stories … McDonalds allow you to pay with love : Trial offer from E-goi : Coca Cola and JetBlue inspire humanity

Mcdonald s Allows You to Pay with Love. Are You Lovin It? https://t.co/fSXYZK7UkI #marketing pic.twitter.com/B0LVJz0bz1 Guerrilla Marketing (@CGuerrillaMBlog) December 21, 2015 Trial offer from E-goi – Multichannel Marketing: Email, SMS, Voice, Fax, Forms | https://t.co/qpJOVyuIMJ pic.twitter.com/HJPjutFQKD Will Corry (@slievemore) December 21, 2015 Coca Cola and JetBlue Inspire Humanity https://t.co/P8LIDLp2fq #marketing pic.twitter.com/0oaZ0VIcll Guerrilla Marketing [more ]
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