eSeller show you why you need a blog and how to get one

September 4, 2015
This Friday we have a veritable smorgasbord of stuff for you: From how to make your big and beautiful web pages load fast, to how to send consumables overseas. We also show you why you need a blog and how to get one – plus some tips from the retail giants on how to go multichannel. Enjoy!
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How to make big web pages fast
Sending consumables overseas: some food for thoughtWhy Your Business NEEDS to BlogFuture-proofing your high street by following the retail giants online
Time to integrate online and offline – check out our eBook
The way people shop, both in stores and online, is changing and for retailers to compete they need to respond with the best experience no matter where the customer is shopping. This is reality that lies behind all the hoopla about Omnichannel retailing.
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