Three words that will speed up your WordPress blog

Adding photos to your blog posts is a great way to drive traffic, but are they slowing down your site?
Images…we all love them.
Whether it’s funny #FAIL photos, pictures of our family or maybe photos of our favorite recipe or vacation spot, we love to share them with others. And recent trends in social media are showing that sharing photos and images is a great way to make sure that your blog posts are getting traffic. However, the more images you include in an article, the slower your page load times will be and the longer your visitors will have to wait to enjoy the content.  Additionally, Google penalizes slow-loading websites and blogs by not ranking them as high as those that load quickly.
Sure, there are definitely housekeeping activities, you can do to tighten up your content, but that will only get you so far. So, therein lies the challenge. How do continue to include great images while ensuring that your posts load as quickly has possible. Three  simple words (OK…one of them is a acronym but you know what I mean):
  1. Crunch
  2. Cache
  3. CDN
If you aren’t crunching and caching your images and storing them on a Content Delivery Networks (CDN), you aren’t getting the absolute most speed out of your site. So how do you take advantage of these 3 options? Through WordPress plugins, of course!


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