E-goi at TFM&A - pitch away, be pitched, get terrific leads in!

Technology for Marketing & Advertising 2015 is the real, heavy-hitter UK event for marketers by marketers. It assembled over 8,000 marketing professionals last year, sharing a wealth of cross-sector experience across dozens of workshops, roundtables and seminars. If you love marketing, you'll be sorry to miss it - and we know it!

How do we know it? Because we were there in 2014 and can attest to the show's highly effective, no-nonsense approach to networking: pitch away, be pitched, get terrific leads in! It'll be held on 25-26 February at Olympia National, London, and we're excited to once again be there helping companies get their multichannel marketing automation together! We must have made such a splash last year that we are prominently featured in the "Why visit us" banner. Check us out :)

Sounds really nice. I'm interested in visiting. What do I get?

You'll be attending industry-leading expert seminars and keynote sessions. You'll be sourcing bleeding-edge marketing solutions. You'll be given fresh new perspectives on best practices from advertising, brand management, finance and publishing specialists. Oh, and you'll be meeting us up :)

Best of all, attendance is free - as long as you register in advance. Do it now!

If you live in Europe, hopping on a flight to the UK should be pretty easy and cheap (we've booked it ourselves already). If you're in the UK, there's really no excuse not to pop on over. Register here, you won't regret it!

Which stand will you be at?

S70 is the name. Pop along for a chat (we have a special freebie just for you!) and make sure to have a gander at this recap of last year's TFM&A :)
Posted by Ruben Alvim on 28/01/2015
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