In customer engagement, the times they are a-changin' : Thunderhead

For any government or enterprise engaging with a wide range of stakeholders, Bob Dylan’s anthem of social change has never rung so true. Increasingly onerous legal and regulatory requirements, demand for personalised and on-demand interactions, multiple communication platforms and the pressure on costs have all combined to create a remarkably complex environment. 

To keep on top of it all (attracting and retaining customers and keeping citizens informed) businesses and governments need the systems in place that allow them to efficiently and effectively engage in print, online and increasingly via mobile and social media platforms. They need to tailor their communications to individual need, respond rapidly and accurately track and reference what has been said and when.

The changes that have taken place, led largely by the rapid advent of a ‘connected’ society, have exposed the weaknesses of the print-based communications platforms that served well and remained largely unchanged for decades. The response for most organisations, if there has been a response at all, has been to ‘bolt on’ solutions. The legacy print platform remains and separate (often proprietary) platforms emerge for digital document delivery, for mobile applications, for SMS, for online interaction and range of others. A lack of built in and seamless integration inevitably leads to added complexity and the potential for failure.

These issues are addressed by UK company Thunderhead. Anticipating the fundamental change in the environment for customer engagement, Thunderhead designed a platform based on a single, standards based, content repository that can be easily exploited on any communications channel. The company ‘cut its teeth’ with the investment banking industry in the fiercely complex world of OTC trade confirmations and term sheet generation. Thunderhead’s software is the de facto standard and used by 14 of the G16 global derivatives dealer institutions.

Thunderhead’s software is now being deployed around the world by organisations such as Bank of America, Amex, Bupa, the Australian Government, Prudential, Royal Bank of Scotland and HSBC. Like many others they recognise that unless they address their stakeholders’ changing needs “…the first one now will later be last”.

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